Startupbootcamp promotional video

Conceived, designed, and seamlessly executed a comprehensive promotional video for the year, strategically incorporating captivating glimpses of the upcoming Demo days. Meticulously crafted to showcase these events' essence and excitement, the video aimed to engage and captivate the audience, providing a compelling preview of what awaited them throughout the year.
Create. innovate. Disrupt.
Create. Innovate. Disrupt - these were the pivotal themes StartupBootCamp sought to communicate to their audience. In crafting this video, I aimed to provide a concise yet impactful channel to swiftly deliver these key messages, capturing the essence of their mission to inspire and propel forward-thinking initiatives.
Fintech Hype video

The purpose of the FinTech Hype Video was to generate excitement for the upcoming Sustainable FinTech Demo Day scheduled for later in the year. The video featured title sequences and logos of the companies we collaborated with.​​​​​​​
Additionally, the video showcased sustainable expansion through visuals of oceans, trees, and advancing financial data, symbolizing growth.


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